RDI offers a ½ day practical training session in managing eDiscovery, for law firms, government agencies, and corporate counsel.  

For too long, legal professionals have been held captive to promises of protection against legal exposure or liability by software and hardware providers. The vision that the field of eDiscovery is far too complex for attorneys to manage is a myth and we will show you how to handle digital evidence with ease.  

Michael Yager, Vice President of eDiscovery for RDI, has long taught via CLEs, publications, and panel appearances that there is no defensible software or hardware; only an attorney managed case management protocol which speaks to the law is defensible.

With this in mind, RDI has developed a practical, hands-on eDiscovery in case management program for attorneys and staff. The emphasis is on a basic, defensible protocol that takes the participant from preservation duties and collection to review and production, providing defensibility documentation each step of the way. It highlights what the legal professional should be thinking about during the litigation life cycle as regards to eDiscovery, and how to communicate with eDiscovery vendors in a manner that manages costs!

This seminar, like the CLEs, is offered as a professional service to the legal community. There are no fees. The recipients receive an eDiscovery Case Management Certificate upon completion.

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