Research Data, Inc. (RDI) makes eDiscovery easy and less expensive. Although eDiscovery is RDI’s most recent division, there is nothing recent about its infrastructure, security, sophistication, and expertise. eDiscovery rests comfortably within one of the nation’s pioneers in data research. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, RDI has been working with national banking systems, research universities, and other sophisticated data users since 1991.

Chris Lewis, RDI’s CEO and Michael Yager, Vice-President of its eDiscovery division, designed our services to meet the challenges of corporations, law firms–small and large– and federal and state agencies that grapple with the many exposures of working with electronically stored information.

Michael Yager is a graduate of The College of William and Mary. His experiences include serving for the Department of Defense, on the corporate staff of Bell Howell Corporation in Chicago, and in law firms. Michael brings a holistic approach to solving one of the greatest challenges for corporations, law firms, and agencies in the Information Age–defensibility, reliability, and predictability. Michael brings over two decades of law firm experience with the last ten years invested exclusively in working at every level of eDiscovery. His most recent tenure was with a well-known Virginia law firm where he served as Director of eDiscovery.

RDI’s eDiscovery – Costs

RDI provides its services on an hourly fee model. There are no data hosting fees. No matter if the case or investigation is around for six months or six years, there will never be any hosting fees. In combination with an Early Case Assessment (ECA), we can help you predict your eDiscovery costs accurately and cut your costs considerably.

For Corporations

RDI created its Corporate Counsel pricing model three years ago in response to concerns from legal departments that e-discovery spend was often a budget breaker – an unpredictable expense that created monthly obligations for the lifetime of the case.  A case or investigation may be active for years with little activity. These legal departments, however, were paying for monthly storage of all the data collected. Even in small cases, the fees add up can add up over the lifetime of a case.

Our philosophy:  If we don’t have to pay for storage, why should our clients?  …More

For Law Firms

Defensible collection and preservation of electronically stored information as directed by your protocols. Processing and production of electronically stored information responsive to discovery (Requests for Production or subpoenas) in a no hosting fees environment. Consulting on litigation projects, whether a simple helping hand, some quick advice, or overall project management. Small-sized personal dispute cases, medium sized corporate suits, or large class-action discovery cases— we will work to your required scale.

For Government Agencies

Investigations or litigation support across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model life cycle in a no hosting fees environment.

RDI’s eDiscovery – Contact us for your next step

Whether you have questions about our methods, security, speed or other items … or you are ready to discuss a case need… contact Michael Yager at, or 804-591-3328 to discuss your conditions and timeline. Our team will promptly design a proposal that suits your requirements and budget.