CRM_SampleCustomer Relationship Management programs take information that you already have about customers and use this information to create personally relevant communications. The effectiveness of CRM programs has been proven repeatedly over the last decade as a method to increase customer retention, loyalty, and as a way to generate more business from existing customers.

RDI has developed and implemented novel CRM programs on behalf of Fortune 500 companies for the past several years. An excellent example of such a program is the Continuity Loyalty program for SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

RDI receives customer data from SunTrust Mortgage and integrates this data to produce a full-color newsletter that is personalized for each SunTrust Mortgage sales professional (sales person’s electronic photograph, contact information, and pre-selected postscript message). The newsletter provides timely and relevant information on several topics of interest, including home care, tax issues, and details of other SunTrust Mortgage products.

To learn more about how RDI can help build a CRM strategy for your organization, download our RDI CRM White Paper.