Corporate eDiscovery Model

RDI created its Corporate Counsel pricing model three years ago in response to concerns from legal departments that eDiscovery spending was often a budget breaker – an unpredictable expense that created monthly obligations for the lifetime of the case.  A case or investigation may be active for years with little activity. These legal departments, however, were paying for monthly storage of all the data collected. Even in small cases, the fees can add up over the lifetime of a case.

If we don't pay for hosting, why should you?

With RDI’s model, whether the case lasts 6 months or 6 years, there is never a data hosting fee. You pay only for the work done, at a reasonable hourly rate. We provide everything from key custodian interviews, data collection and ingestion, early searches to reduce the data for review, hosting for review and final production – whatever you or your outside counsel need to support case investigation, preparation, and discovery.

RDI's Corporate eDiscovery Model

  • RDI can conduct or assist with custodian interviews.
  • RDI can handle or assist in the collection of emails and electronic documents.
  • The collected information is loaded into RDI’s system.
  • RDI will work with counsel to do an Early Case Assessment (ECA) to estimate project cost.
  • Working with counsel, RDI will run searches and create a smaller data set for review.
  • This smaller data set is loaded into RDI’s or outside counsel’s review system. If loading on an outside counsel’s system is required, the data load is much smaller – resulting in lower hosting fees from outside counsel.
  • The responsive discovery is produced either by RDI or outside counsel.
  • A privilege log is also generated after attorney review.

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