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Better Technology

With The Right Partner

IT Consulting, Data & IT Management, & So Much More 

Industry Leading Experts 

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with IT consulting and solutions that will help your business succeed. 

Quality That Matters 

We have the capabilities, infrastructure, security, experience, and technical skills to successfully handle your exact needs. 

Support Where You Need It 

From the simplest to most complex data management and IT support needs, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

What Can RDI Help You With?

RDI works with you to solve your business problems including everything from basic analytics assistance to complete management of data and IT solutions. 

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Small Projects

We can help you strategize and efficiently manage even the smallest of business technology and data needs. We will put IT solutions and data tools at your fingertips at highly competitive pricing, so you successfully and cost-effectively put the power of technology to work for you. 

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Large Projects 

With our past experiences and expert knowledge, we will help you plan and execute even the most complex IT and data-driven solutions. Our team of talented problem solvers will help you in every situation so you can solve your business problems and solve them quickly while growing your success. 

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Our Solutions

IT Consulting 

Technology needs to be approached differently for each business. Let’s solve your specific problems with the right strategy, architecture, and operations. 

IT Training 

When you partner with RDI, you gain access to a ½ day, practical training session, in managing technology and data for your specific industry needs. 

Data Ingestion 

Our work and dedicated staff serve a variety of industry needs for data collection, importation, analysis, manipulation, use, and storage. 

Data & IT Management 

We have the latest knowledge and resources, decades of experience, and the time to manage your data and technology effectively and securely. 

Data & Cyber Security 

We take security very seriously and provide proactive and preventive solutions so that you can have confidence that your technology and data are secure. 

IT Support 

Whether you have a question or a problem with your IT system, our IT support team will quickly assist you and get your system restored in no time. 


RDI’s Expertise in IT and Data Security 

There is more focus than ever on cyber security and securing your data and RDI is uniquely positioned to provide you with comfort and confidence around your technology solutions and the security of your data. 

RDI has a long history of offering IT and data services to clients in the finance and banking industry, requiring us to meet demanding security requirements. All RDI employees go through frequent security training, RDI has physical security, and we are SOC 2, Type 2 compliant. 


Data and IT Management Solutions 

Managing your technology and data can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming. That’s why we have a team of experts who can help you maximize your results and strategize and plan so you can optimize your technology and data investments. 

From ingesting data, using your data and technology securely and efficiently, as well as overseeing all matters related to your technology operations, we guarantee our data and IT management solutions will benefit your business in the most cost-effective manner. 

More for What You Pay For 

Unlike other IT consulting and data management companies, Research Data, Incorporated will never ambush you with unexpected service fees or misleading bills that add up to huge amounts.  

With RDI, you can trust that our team of industry professionals will invest in your firm or business’s success, and this includes working with you to find the right pricing to fit your exact needs and budget. 

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Our Process

Whether you’re looking for just an IT consultation or a complete custom-tailored solution, we can help. 

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs 

By analyzing and understanding your company’s unique needs, we are able to investigate the best approaches and options for your specific goals. 

Step 2: Strategizing an Approach 

We tailor our services to your business’s exact technology and data requirements. We will also work with you on finding the best options for your budget. 

Step 3: Execution and Management 

Once your strategy is determined, we will take care of the rest including development, implementation, data collection, security, support, management, and more. 

About Us

About RDI

Our Clients Are Our Top Priority

Research Data, Incorporated is one of the nation’s pioneers in technology and data research and has been working with national financial institutions, research universities, and other sophisticated technology and data users since 1991. Chris Lewis founded RDI to support genetic research work, designing and conducting survey work, and managing data collection. 

From there, the work expanded to serving a variety of industry needs for analytics, data collection, data and technology management, IT consulting, database marketing industries, and custom-tailored IT solutions. Only a handful of companies can offer the complete suite of capabilities that RDI offers. 

We understand that technology and data need to be approached differently for every business’s needs. Therefore, from concept through execution, we have the vision, experience, and knowledge to deliver measurable, sustainable results for your specific organization. 

At RDI, we quickly solve business problems for our customers through the application of decades of experience, leading-edge technology, and the understanding that time is the currency of business in today’s dynamic environment. 


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