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eDiscovery Doesn't Have to be Complex and Expensive

When you choose RDI, you don't just get a phenomenal product, you also get...


No Funny Business

At RDI we don’t hide behind jargon or hidden charges that add up to big bills. We know that each case—large or small—benefits from a case-specific data and solutions-driven approach.


No Size Limitations

RDI has the capability, infrastructure, security, experience and technical expertise to handle your eDiscovery needs in situations ranging from the simplest to the most complex.


No Mystery Fees or Charges

Our mission is to make the process understandable and transparent to you, collaborating with you to drive effective and cost-conscious solutions to your eDiscovery needs.

What Can RDI Help You With?

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Large Matters

Have you had complex cases spiral out of control because they weren’t managed efficiently from the very beginning?

We can help you plan for an efficient review process, bringing our past experiences to the table to inform your planning. We also have a team of talented problem solvers who can help you in those situations when you just have to make things happen, and happen quickly.


Internal Investigations

Have you been overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of emails and trying to put together a basic chronology of events in an investigation? Do you hesitate to get a third-party vendor involved because of cost?

Using a third-party platform to review data can often make your job easier and quicker. It doesn’t have to be expensive. RDI can take your data and host it in our EVOLVE™ platform, enabling you to quickly review, make notes and create a chronology of events.

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Small Matters

Do you avoid using a vendor for small cases because you are concerned about costs?

RDI can help you manage even the smallest of cases more efficiently, putting data tools at your fingertips at highly competitive pricing saving you the costs of inefficient or manual review and indexing of hard copy documents. We can put the power of technology to work for you.



Our experience in the market drove us to create our proprietary review platform which we call “EVOLVE™.”

We call it that for a reason — we believe it is a next generation tool that provides for maximum adaptability for internal review, production, case preparation – everything you may need to do with data. It is a web-based program – available to you and to your team wherever they may be working. We’re with you every step of the way via online chat, phone or email. And, there are no license or user fees!




From ECA to litigation, we have the experience and knowledge to help manage your eDiscovery. Review, Processing, Collection, Consulting and more.


Continuing Legal Education

Approved for 2.0 hours credit (0.5 ethics). The CLE eDiscovery Defensibility is offered as a professional courtesy to the legal community at no cost.



RDI offers a ½ day practical training session in managing eDiscovery, for law firms, government agencies, and corporate counsel.


A Product of Cross-Industry Synergy

RDI is one of the nation’s pioneers in data research and has been working with national financial institutions, research universities and other sophisticated data users since 1991. Chris Lewis founded RDI to support genetic research work in Virginia, designing and conducting survey work and managing data collection.

From there, the work expanded to serving a variety of industry needs for data collection, analysis, manipulation, use and storage.


RDI's Obsession with Data Security

In today’s world, there is more focus than ever on securing your data when it is turned over to your law firms and their vendors (like RDI). RDI is uniquely positioned to provide you comfort around your data and the security of your data.

RDI has a long history of offering data and other services to clients in the finance and banking industry, requiring us to meet demanding security requirements. All RDI employees go through frequent security training, RDI has physical security and we are SOC 2, Type 2 compliant.

Growing Our Solutions-Driven Data Management Services

It was a natural extension into eDiscovery. We know data. Chris teamed up with Michael Yager, a leading eDiscovery expert, to bring his extensive experience with eDiscovery to the RDI eDiscovery division, marrying up RDI’s data expertise with litigation know-how.


Sam Lewis, the architect of the EVOLVE™ platform, is a talented developer and programmer creating cutting-edge solutions for eDiscovery issues. This core leadership team works with our customers and staff to deliver what you need with cost-effective and transparent pricing.


Expert Legal Services Provided by Best in Class Talent

We can provide expert testimony on eDiscovery protocols and practices.

RDI brings a holistic approach to solving one of the greatest challenges for corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies in the Information Age — defensibility, reliability and predictability. RDI brings incredible experience and reliability with high profile corporate and law firm clients.

RDI Provides the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Unlike other eDiscovery and data management services, RDI will never ambush you with unexpected service fees or misleading bills that add up to huge amounts.

With RDI, you can trust that our staff will invest in your firm or business' success, and this includes working with you to find the right pricing to fit your needs and any limitations.


About RDI

We love our clients.

Research Data, Incorporated is a recognized leader in the data collection, data management, and database marketing industries. Only a handful of companies can offer the complete suite of capabilities that RDI offers.

From concept through execution, we have the vision, experience, and knowledge to deliver measurable, sustainable results for your organization. We understand that even in large organizations, the infrastructure, resources, and expertise required to successfully implement a complex survey project, or a direct marketing program may not exist.

In some cases, even when these puzzle pieces do exist, there may be internal organizational and process constraints in place that could impede the timely deployment of a solution.

At RDI, we quickly solve business problems for our customers through the application of decades of experience, leading-edge technology, and the understanding that time is the new currency of business in today’s dynamic environment.


Meet the Team


President & CEO

Chris Lewis is a forward thinking entrepreneur with successful businesses in commercial printing and communications. Through those businesses, Chris found a passion for automating processes many believed were too unique to standardize. He worked with internal developers to create proprietary software and systems that have made his commercial print facility state of the art. Chris brings this disruptive thinking to the eDiscovery world, working with experts in his RDI team to create proprietary systems and standardized approaches to eDiscovery. Chris believes in creating systems that can be adapted to the needs of each individual matter, empowering law firms and corporate legal departments to create the solution each individual matter needs.

Our Process

Our clients love our process.


Strategizing an Approach

We work directly with corporate legal departments, law firms and government agencies. We have an internal staff that we deploy based on your specific data needs. We can tailor our services to any project small or large.

Are you skilled at review and production?

We can ingest your data and provide a single platform for you to use as you review it. With our EVOLVE™ platform, you can run your own review from your computer, or anywhere you can access the internet.

Would you prefer to keep your old review platform?

We can ingest your data, cull it down and prepare it to be ingested back into your preferred review platform.

Do you need someone to collect data and interview witnesses?

We can provide both data collection and witness interview services with ease to help you along the eDiscovery process.

Do you need someone to help set up a review and run searches?

Yes, we can also set up a review and run searches of data for you to as you're gathering information and case details.

Looking for a partner to help you plan a strategic approach to your data?

We’ve got the experience and infrastructure to help you find the simple solutions that are out there for meeting all your eDiscovery and data needs.

Pricing Models

Innovative Pricing Plans Tailored to Your eDiscovery Needs.

Hourly Fee Model

This is a professional services model. Work is charged per hour. Unlike most of our competitors, RDI does not charge hosting fees under this model.

Per Matter Fixed Fee

This pricing model is a flat fee model based on the total amount of data loaded per matter. The fixed fee includes loading data, assisting with searches to reduce the number of documents to review, user training and support and as many rules compliant productions with endorsements as required. There are no user fees or hosting costs.

Subscription Model

This is a fixed monthly cost model that covers all the services in the Per Matter Fixed Fee model for an unlimited number of matters and investigations. Like the Per Matter Fixed Fee model, there are no user fees or hosting costs.

Hybrid Model

Pricing in this model is designed specifically for your organization to fit your specific needs.